Gated Shopping

Create exclusive offers or collection on Shopify and map them to your token-gated room(s)

Token-gate access to your any Shopify collection

Quickly associate a buy button with each room you host on the platform, making it incredibly easy to gate exclusive collections

The power of token-gated offers

Token-gated e-commerce is a new type of e-commerce that is growing in popularity. With token-gated e-commerce, customers must first prove ownership of a particular token or NFT in order to gain access to special offers, product collections, and discounts. One of the main benefits of hosting token-gated offers is that it encourages customer loyalty. When customers are able to access exclusive discounts and offers by holding a particular token or NFT, they are more likely to remain loyal to that token and its associated brand. This can lead to increased sales and a stronger brand identity at scale. Another benefit of token-gated e-commerce is that it can help brands expand their customer base. By making it easier for new customers to join and participate in the brand, token-gated e-commerce can help businesses reach a larger audience. This can be especially helpful for brands that are just starting out and need to grow their customer base quickly. Overall, token-gated e-commerce is a great way to encourage customer loyalty and attract new customers in a novel way. It provides a unique and interactive shopping experience that customers are sure to enjoy.

How it works

Almost all token-gated offers involve these four steps when hosted on Sentr3


Create a token-gated room

Your rooms are where you can house your token-gated Shopify offers or collections


Associate a Shopify collection

As a room host, you can associate one offer or collection per room tier


Invite holders to your Sentr3 room 

You can then invite your holders to join your room via your unique room tier url


Holders purchase exclusive offers

Qualified holders will be able to enter your room and purchase your offers within the app

Use cases

Sentr3 was built to support the following offer-centric use cases

Holder-only offers

Holder-only discounts

Holder-only collections

Get started

Request free room access for up to 100 holders to begin planning your project

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