Gated Events

Host one-time or recurring token-gated event ticketing experiences for NFT/token holders with ease

Host IRL events that only verified holders can access

Leverage our hybrid approach to token-gating in-real-life events according to your simple or advanced entry requirements

How it works

Almost all token-gated events involve these four steps when hosted on Sentr3


Sell your event tickets as NFTs

Allow attendees to pay with crypto or by credit card. Sentr3 can help you decide on the right way to set this up


Create an event in a Sentr3 room 

A Sentr3 “room” is created for your event to token-gate access according to your specific entry criteria


Invite holders to your Sentr3 room 

Hosts shares their room invite link with attendees (holders) so that they have direct access to their QR-code event pass(es)


Scan QR-based tickets at the door

Attendees have their access pass scanned at the door by assigned bouncers via the Sentr3 mobile application

Use cases

Sentr3 was built to support the following event-centric use cases


Private events

Private meetups

VIP areas

Get started

Request free room access for up to 100 holders to begin planning your project

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July 16th, 2022

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