Gated Content

Host token-gated content and media that only verified token or NFT holders can access

House privileged content within one or many rooms

Host discussions between verified holders and/or organize your exclusive content within a social feed and segmented channels

How it works


Create a gated room on Sentr3

Your room is where all of your content is hosted. Rooms include one or many social feeds and segmented channels that house all types of content


Configure room settings and tiers

As a host, you can define what non-holders see when trying to enter your room. You can also configure different room tiers that have their own entry rules


Invite holders to your Sentr3 room 

Each room tier that you decide to create has a unique invite url that can be given to your holders. This is how they can access your room in one click


Post content and engage holders

Rooms can house token-gated content such a Youtube, Wistia, and Vimeo embeds. Audio recording, polling, and file uploading is also possible

Use cases

Sentr3 was built to support the following content-centric use cases





Get started

Request free room access for up to 100 holders to begin planning your project

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July 16th, 2022

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